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Bespoke Furniture  Solutions

A&C Designs Ltd.

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Above: 3d CAD design render of modern wardrobe handles in walnut.

Below: photo of the result, made in cherry.

Above: Radiator cabinet design  3D CAD render.  Below: Photo of  the result in stained cherry

Alan, our cabinetmaker has a well equipped rural workshop near Aylesbury in which he can bring your dreams into reality.

If your project requires our bespoke design service we will let you know, after assessing the information we obtain from you. The cost will depend on size and complexity, but is likely to be £100 or £200 which you will be invited to redeem against an order for furniture.

In some cases there will be no design cost, for example when we have a similar design on file already. It will help if you can email to us photos of the location for the furniture and any  illustrations of your ideas.

3D CAD design is ideal for visual prototyping, which helps to achieve better tailored solutions for the individual.